DAHS offers routine childhood and adult immunisations to all patients attending the service.  Adult immunisations are given by any DAHS clinical staff including AHWs with Medication II certification and appropriate experience.

Staff who are specifically trained in administering childhood immunisations are called upon in the first instance to administer these vaccines.  This may be done opportunistically or as a targeted activity.  If a parent attends with a child requesting immunisation and a trained immunisation provider is unavailable, discuss with a doctor who will indicate whether they are comfortable in performing these vaccinations.

When using the Patient Information Recall System (MMEx) each individual staff member who administers an immunisation enters the information into MMEx and an automatic message is sent to ACIR (Australia Childhood Immunisation Register) and KPHU Kimberley Population Health Unit. MMEx also does this with Gardisil Immunisations to the Gardisil register 

When checking a patient’s immunisation status, MMEx should be searched.

We are committed to core principles including Aboriginal self-determination, access, equity, empowerment and reconciliation.